Our young onset dementia webinars

We host a monthly series of FREE young onset dementia webinars which began in October 2020.  They bring together Young Dementia Network members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals working in the field and people interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to connect, support and inform each other.

We add to the programme regularly, so please check back for more information or sign up to receive our newsletters here to find out the details of upcoming webinars.  Catch up with past webinars and sign up for future ones, via the links below.

Financial Securi-tea

Our Financial Securi-tea – financial issues affecting people with young onset dementia and their families webinar will discuss the financial challenges people face, what your rights and options are and what banks can do to help

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Our Individuali-tea – tailoring care and support for individuals affected by young onset dementia webinar presented the idea of creating a toolkit for planning post-diagnostic support

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Our Securi-tea – planning for the future webinar was hosted by Jacqueline Almond, a partner at IBB Law, who offered financial and legal information and advice and answered questions on planning for the future

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Our Normali-tea webinar was a discussion between members of the Oxfordshire PACE group, who are all people living with young onset dementia, who talked about adapting to the easing of Covid restrictions

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Our Activi-tea – activities and the impact on people living with young onset dementia webinar was led by Mark Hainy and Karen Ive of YPWD Berkshire alongside people with young onset dementia, their family members and Dr Jacqui Hussey

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Our Intensi-tea – stress and distress in young onset dementia webinar was led by Lissy Edwards and Sue Hinds of Dementia Carers Count alongside family carers

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Our Rari-tea webinar explained rarer types of dementia which predominantly affect younger people, how rare dementias impact on people’s daily life and shared strategies of resilience

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Our Continui-tea webinar provided an opportunity to discuss how life changes when a family member is diagnosed with young onset dementia and why practical advice and emotional support can help a family to adapt as a person’s dementia progresses

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Our Generosi-tea webinar featured the difference it makes to people affected by young onset dementia to be part of a supportive and meaningful group and a wider network

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Research Priori-teas

Our Research Priori-teas webinar was an interactive session where researchers and people affected by young onset dementia discussed the research priorities that matter and why you should get involved

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Our Festivi-tea webinar shared hints and tips for the festive season. People affected by young onset dementia shared their experience of what helps them to reduce stress and increase enjoyment

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Our Sensitivi-tea webinar outlined key improvements that could be made during the young onset dementia diagnostic process to improve the experience for individuals undergoing assessment and to educate professionals about good practice

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Our Adaptabili-tea webinar provided an opportunity for people to learn and discover the different ways that people manage, cope and come to terms with a diagnosis of young onset dementia

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