Are you living with young onset dementia, or are you a family member or friend of someone who is? Would you be willing to share your experiences of young onset dementia to help others?

Throughout 2024, the Young Dementia Network will be focusing its efforts on trying to improve the experience of diagnosis and raising awareness of young onset dementia. We are running a campaign to gather evidence for these much-needed improvements and would love to hear your experiences and thoughts.

Please answer our three short questions using the form below. If you would prefer to send your answers to us in video format, you’ll find instructions underneath the web form on how to send record and send clips to us.

Please answer the following three questions:

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If you are interested in sharing your experience of young onset dementia in more detail, please add your full name and email address below so that we can contact you.

A guide to filming yourself using a smart phone

  • Hold the phone upright (portrait) with the screen facing you and select ‘selfie mode’
  • Either rest the phone on a surface at eye level or hold it in your hand – whatever is easiest
  • Film somewhere well lit, facing a window in the daytime is best
  • Record somewhere quiet and away from loud noises
  • Aim to have your face in the centre of the screen and not too close, making sure that your head and shoulders are shown on screen 
  • When you have recording, watch your video with sound on to check it 

Sending us your video

  • Email your video to us at 
  • If your video is too long to send via email, you can send it using a website called WeTransfer
  • Visit:
  • Upload your video file – you can upload multiple videos if you wish
  • Insert: in the ‘Email to’ field 
  • Put your email address in the ‘Your email’ field
  • Write a ‘Title’ and ‘Message’ and click ‘Transfer’
  • Confirm your email by typing the verification code that was sent to your email address.
  • Click ‘Verify’ and wait for the transfer to reach 100%.
  • When your video has been sent to us via WeTransfer, you should receive a confirmation email

Thank you for your interest in our ‘Share your experiences’ campaign.

Any support you can offer around sharing this webpage, our social media posts and informing relevant contacts and networks about our campaign would be much appreciated.