Resources for people in dementia support roles

The Young Dementia Network has created a range of resources for professionals who support people and family members affected by young onset dementia

Dementia support roles guidance

This guidance includes topics younger people with dementia identified as important for support roles who may not usually work with young onset dementia

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Young onset dementia group guidance

Age-appropriate support is lacking in many parts of the country. We are keen to encourage opportunities for the under 65 age group to meet others in similar circumstances and have created this guidance to help you to plan and run a young onset dementia group

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Diagnostic clinic leaflet

A leaflet, ideal for use in memory clinics and diagnostic services, to inform newly diagnosed people of the national organisations who may be able to offer support and information

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Personal checklist

For anyone who has concerns about signs and symptoms of young onset dementia. A checklist which can be used to record symptoms a person may be experiencing and aid a discussion with a GP

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Young onset dementia ID cards

ID cards designed for a person living with young onset dementia and their family members and supporters to use when out and about

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Young onset dementia pathway

The pathway brings together the experience of people affected by young onset dementia and the people who work with and support them in a set of recommendations which are designed to guide policy makers, commissioners and practitioners in designing and delivering services

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Good practice guide

Shares the key findings and recommendations from the three-year long Angela Project research study, outlining good practice in young onset dementia and how to improve diagnosis and support for younger people with dementia

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Diagnosis experience checklists

For use by people who may have young onset dementia and their family members and professionals, they set out the experience a person should expect during the process of assessment and diagnosis

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Other Network resources

  • Decision-making guide for GPs – click here
  • GP surgery leaflet – click here
  • Supporting implementation of the NICE guideline for young onset dementia – click here