What is the Young Dementia Network?

The Young Dementia Network, which has been hosted by Dementia UK since November 2020, is a collaborative network, an influencing body, a community of people seeking to improve lives through campaigning and empowering people with knowledge and information. 

We know first-hand about the impact of dementia on younger people and their families and how isolating it can be.  We believe that everyone affected should be well informed, feel connected to others and enabled to live life to the full.

Our purpose

The Network has a multi-year plan worked on during 2021 covering 2021-2024 which confirms our purpose and outlines our activities, aims and intended impact.

We are united in our purpose to improve the lives of people living with young onset dementia and their families now and create positive change for a better future.

Our activities and impact

The Network’s welcoming community:

  • collaborates with individuals and organisations to bring about lasting change
  • campaigns for improvements in the policy and practice 
  • provides opportunities for members to share experience and knowledge, and learn from each other 
  • creates resources for younger people and their families, for people working in health and social care and for service developers and commissioners 

Our objectives

We aim to influence policy and encourage better young onset services across the UK.  Our priorities have been identified by people affected by young onset dementia

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Our achievements

The Young Dementia Network was launched in September 2016.  Ever since, we have strived to bring about improvements and positive change for people affected by young onset dementia

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The need for change

People affected by young onset dementia are poorly served across the UK.  We are seeking national and high-level service, policy and practice changes that will make a tangible difference to people’s lives

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