​Tessa Gutteridge – Programme Director for Young Onset Dementia, Dementia UK

Since 1996 Tessa has been dedicated to enabling people living with young onset dementia and their families to adapt and live as fully as possible.  Having researched the impact of this disabling condition, she played a pivotal role in developing YoungDementia UK’s award-winning services.

Her values and insights are shaped by her personal experience of dementia and disability, as well as her work in mental health advocacy and advice.  A first career in publishing, marketing and running a small business proved valuable when, having identified a gap, Tessa initiated the collaborative Young Dementia Network concept and successful launch in late 2016.

Following the merger of YoungDementia UK and Dementia UK, Tessa is delighted to be the Programme Director for Young Onset Dementia at Dementia UK. She also chairs the Young Dementia Network steering group and is a member of the One Dementia Voice collaboration. Tessa continues to be a realistic optimist, seeking the best with and for people with young onset dementia.

Tessa Gutteridge