Rachael Litherland – Director, Innovations in Dementia

Rachael Litherland has worked with people with dementia for over 20 years, with a background in psychology and advocacy.

Rachael is a director with Innovations in Dementia CIC, a national community interest company. They work with people with dementia, partner organisations and others to help people with dementia keep control of their lives and be happy. This is achieved through the delivery of innovative projects and a training and consultancy service, and by influencing dementia practice and policy.

They promote a positive view of dementia, demonstrating that, although dementia is life changing, it does not have to be life ending. Their mission is to work on projects that Inspire Different Conversations about dementia. These focus on rights, accessibility, having a say, belonging and recovery and discovery. They work with and alongside people with dementia to shape practice, policy and attitudes.

They also support DEEP – the national network of dementia voices, which includes a number of young onset groups of people with dementia, as well as many younger people with dementia throughout the rest of the UK network of 100 groups.

Prior to setting up Innovations in Dementia, Rachael developed and managed the national Living with Dementia programme for the Alzheimer’s Society (2000-2006). This included providing leadership on issues relating to the involvement and support of people with dementia and supporting people with dementia in service and information development, campaigning and self-advocacy.