Young onset dementia – tailored memory clinic care: using the diagnosis process as a starting point for person-centred young onset dementia support

The Young Dementia Network and the Young Onset Dementia Knowledge Center, Netherlands are pleased to be working together on a new webinar programme. We want to offer opportunities to learn, share and connect to international audiences with an interest in young onset dementia.

Our webinar in March 2024 was led by Dr Jackie Poos. She addressed support for people with young onset dementia and their family members during the diagnostic pathway at the memory clinic.

We know from research that it often takes a long time before a diagnosis of young onset dementia is confirmed, even then the dementia diagnosis may not lead to tailored care and support. Based on her applied clinical research from a memory clinic setting, Jackie addressed how healthcare professionals can provide care and support during this diagnosis process. She suggested how the gap from diagnosis to post-diagnostic care and support could be bridged.

Dr Poos is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Alzheimer Centre Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. This is a centre of expertise specialising in the genetics of dementia and frontotemporal dementia diagnostics.

Also on the panel, bringing experience from the Netherlands and the UK was Dr Harro Seelar, Neurologist and Associate Professor from the Alzheimer Centre Erasmus Medical Centre and Dr Rumana Chowdhury, Neurology Consultant and Leeds Cognitive Neurology Service Lead at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A short recording of an interview with a family member offered a personal perspective  

Click here to view the slides from the presentation.