Young onset dementia guidance for dementia advisors

This guidance is primarily for dementia advisors / support workers and key workers who may not usually support an individual under the age of 65 years old affected by dementia. 

It is intended to guide discussion with the person with dementia and their families and should be used flexibly to adapt to individual needs and circumstances.

This guidance was created by the Young Dementia Network in collaboration with two young onset dementia peer support groups, both part of the DEEP network and was funded by a DEEP grant.

It is intended to be used as a prompt to aid the support that workers offer but is not intended to tell people what is needed.  People affected by young onset dementia should have the opportunity to feel empowered by the prompts on this guidance and it should be utilised in a versatile way with the individual.

Useful websites and resources 

The Dementia UK website has information and resources that you may find useful hereAnd professionals are welcome to call the Dementia UK Admiral Nurse Helpline on 0800 888 6678.

The Young Dementia Network Diagnostic clinic leaflet which contains details of dementia organisations that can provide support and information can be found here.

Rare Dementia Support has created an information pack for professionals about rare dementias. You can download it here.

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