Our second webinar took place on Wednesday 18th November 2020, Sensitivi-tea – What matters most during diagnosis.

The session was run by members of The Angela Project team who recently completed the largest UK research study on young onset dementia.  The webinar was led by Dr Janet Carter University, College London; Dr Mary O’Malley University of West London with Keith Oliver (3NDWG) and Chris and Arleen McFarlane (YPWD Berks).

The Angela Project team believe that understanding more about what matters to younger people when undergoing an assessment for dementia is crucial to help improve current practice across dementia services in the UK.  They are keen to find new solutions to do this based on their research and collaboration.

In the webinar they presented the results of a large survey from The Angela Project which has outlined key improvements that could be made during the diagnostic process.  Their goal is to develop this real-world evidence into a practical ‘advocacy support tool’ that can improve the experience for individuals undergoing assessment in the clinic and also educate professionals about good practice.

You can download the slides shared during the webinar here.

If you would be interested in getting involved in the follow up consultation / focus groups discussed during the webinar, please email Dr Mary O’Malley – Mary.O’

You can watch the webinar below

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