On Wednesday 21st July 2021, we continued our series of young onset dementia webinars with Normali-tea – adapting to the easing of Covid restrictions.

This webinar was panel a discussion between the PACE (Positive Activists Consultants and Educators) group, part of Young Dementia Oxfordshire, who are all younger people who live with a dementia diagnosis.

The group discussed some of the issues they have faced since their diagnoses and touched on the loss of confidence and the anxiety people living with young onset dementia face as Covid restrictions are eased.

They offered their thoughts and suggestions on how to return to being active, involved and part of the community, and how people can gradually rebuild their lives.

Our webinars

Our monthly webinars bring together Young Dementia Network members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals and people interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to connect, support and inform each other

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