Financial Securi-tea

On Wednesday 17th November 2021, we continued our series of young onset dementia webinars with Financial Securi-tea – financial issues affecting people with young onset dementia and their families.

This webinar was hosted by Calum Macdonald, an Advanced Associate (legal) at the Financial Conduct Authority, who was joined by Kenny Moffat who lives with young onset dementia and is a member of the Scottish Dementia Working Group.

It covered a wide range of topics including the financial challenges people with a diagnosis of young onset and their families can face, what your rights and options are and what banks can do to help.

Our webinars

Our monthly webinars bring together Young Dementia Network members, people living with young onset dementia, family members, professionals and people interested in young onset dementia to create an opportunity to connect, support and inform each other

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