Influencing change

The Young Dementia Network is an influencing community of people seeking to improve lives in two principle ways:

  1. Campaigning to improve understanding, awareness and to create positive change on our own and as part of wider collaborations such as One Dementia Voice, a group of the UK’s dementia organisations which campaign jointly for the needs and rights of people affected by dementia
  2. Empowering people by
    • Informing and connecting people directly affected by young onset dementia – the individuals, family members and carers who are experts through lived experience
    • Increasing knowledge and expertise in professionals involved with young onset dementia

This is done through learning from each other and involvement with research, creation of resources and improvement of support.

Network involvement opportunities

The Young Dementia Network provides opportunities for its members to collaborate, share experience and knowledge and learn from each other

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Our current activities

The Young Dementia Network is involved in a wide range of young onset dementia related activities and projects

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Our future plans

The Young Dementia Network is has a three year plan to ensure our priorities and activities in the future have the greatest impact

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