Advocacy and rights

The Young Dementia Network believes people with young onset dementia should have their rights upheld and be enabled to live life as fully as possible

Fulfilling our purpose of improving the lives of people with young onset dementia and their families now and for the future relies on a foundation of rights, and advocacy to uphold those rights.

The rights we all have as human beings, citizens, employees can be threatened by experiencing dementia or by caring for a person with dementia. This may mean that the environment is disabling, or attitudes diminish the person or services are not accessible.

In this section, we are developing an area to acknowledge the importance of all of us understanding and upholding the rights of people with dementia, and how that can enable life to be lived as well as possible. The Dementia and Hope vision is a key part of that, you can find out more about it here.

Dementia and Hope

Dementia and Hope is a vision created with and for people who are living with dementia

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Useful resources

A collection of useful dementia-related rights and advocacy resources

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