Our workstreams

In addition to our members and steering group, the Young Dementia Network has a number of active working groups or workstreams that focus their work on specific areas that are of particular importance in relation to young onset dementia.

Members of our workstreams are drawn from the steering group as well as other individuals who have been invited to take part due to their personal or professional knowledge and expertise of the subject and ability to make things happen.

Our workstreams are currently focusing on:

  • diagnosis and support
  • improving understanding and awareness
  • research and evidence

Prof Pat Sikes is one of the members of our research and evidence workstream.

Our members

The Network is made up of people whose lives are affected by young onset dementia, their family and friends, as well as organisations and professionals who work in the fields of health and social care

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Our steering group

Our steering group includes a mix of people affected by young onset dementia, clinicians, researchers and a range of service providers who together guide the development of the Network and its activities

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