Our aims

With the focus on the people living with young onset dementia, their families and their greatest identified needs, we aim to: 

  • improve the experience of diagnosis for the person and their family
  • increase access to lifelong support for the person and their family
  • increase understanding and awareness of young onset dementia

These are ambitious aims, so to make progress in line with our 2021-2024 strategy we plan to:

  • boost the Network’s collaborative voice in national programmes and campaigns
  • evolve good partnerships with health, social care and other voluntary organisations
  • help communities surrounding people affected by young onset dementia to understand its impact

Our approach is to influence through:

  • campaigning to increase understanding and awareness of young onset dementia
  • campaign for changes to policy, practice and provision for young onset dementia on our own and as part of wider collaborations
  • empowering and enabling people – by informing and connecting those people directly affected and by increasing knowledge and expertise in professionals who work with them
  • increasing knowledge through, and participation in, young onset dementia research

Our achievements

Since its launch, the Young Dementia Dementia’s influence and achievements have grown both for people affected by the condition, professionals in the field and at government level

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The need for change

People with young onset dementia face unacceptable delays in diagnosis, a lack of support following diagnosis and often face a lack of understanding of the condition

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